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Pricing and Availability

Pricing varies, depending on rarity, condition, and manufacturer. We sell NOS, original restored,reproduction and used parts. Not all parts are available in NOS or Original Restored. Also, we have some reproduction parts available from more than one supplier, American made or Foreign made. We have made every attempt to list the different suppliers available but as stock runs out we may not have NOS or Original Restored available.

Please call, e-mail or fax for the current availability and price of your wanted items.

Terminology - What's in a Name?

Different part names mean different things to different people. Unfortunately, the catalogue name is very specific and helps me understand exactly what part you are looking for. We have heard several references to 'thing-a-ma-jig', 'what-ya-ma-call-it' and the famous 'do-ma-fitch-y' , but the catalogue does not list those items.

With your help, we can find the exact part you need by referring the the illustrations in the next several pages. These line drawings show the more common parts with their associated reference numbers. Click on the reference number to find the catalogue part name.

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